Season-change in progress! Still hard at work, and will be so for some time! There is progress every month on the new upgrade and we are finally going to see some testing begin over the next weeks.
You SHOULD keep an eye on any progress made over on the discord server we have!
So come join us on our Discord during the season-change, hang out, get up-to-date information on the current development of ManagerLeague or just bring a beer and chill out!:
I'll see you in the new season!
- Spinner
If you have not seen this already, here is alittle progress-update on the new version of the Match Player! And yeah...You might want to turn up the volume, if you know what I mean ;)
Winners Season X
As you might know, we have our own Discord server up and running these days. Come join us during the season-change, and chat, hang out, and get up-to-date on the development of new things to come! - Spinner